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We're sorry your encountering slow speeds, this could be down to a number of reasons. We can test some network elements to determine if its an external issue or a problem closer to home. We can do this by testing two points within the internet. This can be used on all our broadband products however, anything greater than 1Gbps may display inaccurate results due to bottlenecks within the external upstream networks. These tests should be carried out 3 times during the day, once in the morning, once in the afternoon and once in the evening to make a full picture of the connection. 

Step 1
First of all, connect your computer to an ethernet cable connected to your router. Wireless may provide slower speeds. Also make sure no one else in the home or business is using the connection, this will hamper the results. Please run the speedtest on - Owned by Netflix. This will provide an average connection speed from the nearest regional Netflix node. If this speed is as expected, the speed issues are likely to be external and with the service your trying to connect to. If however these are below the expected speeds, please move onto Step 2. 

Step 2
The next step will test the speed to to the nearest speed test outside of our network. Like step 1, this will display the average connection speed to the external internet. Please visit - Closest Server will be automatically chosen. This will provide a link to then include in a ticket to our support team. 

Once the link has been sent to support, we will investigate the issue within our network and provide a response as fast as we can.

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