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In flood risk areas, the loss of communications can have major disadvantages. We can provide advise and assistance pre-flood event and it's wise to consider these options now rather than later. 
Most of our mast sites are location outside of the flood risk areas and where hardware is located within a flood risk area, its designed as much as we can to be resilient. These have batter backup and a generation team on standby, with every precaution planned out. Even with these measures, an outage could happen to any form of communications - Keeping them online is key. 

We recommend if you live in a flood risk 2 area that you consider these options, if you live in a 1 or 2 area, these step should have already been taken. to find out which area you live in - please visit https://flood-map-for-planning.service.gov.uk/ 

  • Plan ahead before any imminent storm or danger. This will provide enough time to get a fully working and charged system in place. 
  • Find a suitable location for a shoebox sized battery pack and wireless router. We'll connect the rooftop dish to this, so ideally in a upstairs location, outside of any flood damage risk. 
  • Keep mobile phones charged. If you have access, you can use a standard UK 3pin plug on the battery pack to provide mobile device charging. This will increase consumption, limiting how long it will last. 

We can advise you on which UPS to purchase and can even relocate your installation to a better location. Please get in touch to discuss upgradable options. 

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